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Its not the school building that counts, it's what's happening inside.

Imagine a typical school day. Except that the teachers don't turn up for class. Or they turn up without a lesson plan. There is no hygienic toilet block. And nobody is checking on what kind of education the children are receiving, and what help the school needs to improve.

When the key ingredients of the classroom are missing, children miss out on a decent education. And that defeats the point of going to school at all.

Today, thanks to the increase in the availability of free primary education, more children are attending school in many African countries. But there are still too many obstacles that prevent them from receiving the education they deserve.

The lack of quality teaching, strong leadership, and a clean, safe school environment is letting down millions of children. It is in these areas that Link makes a difference. It's not glamorous work, but it is certainly very effective.

We are realistic and methodical about the problems facing education in Africa. We take a long-term approach, working with all levels of government, communities, parents and teachers to identify and remove these obstacles. We know that change takes time, and progress is not always smooth, but most importantly of all, we know what it takes for a school to be able to provide its children with the opportunities that they deserve, and we will keep striving to deliver achievable education for all.

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