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Hitch-hike across Europe...

 Our annual sponsored hitch-hiking event, lets participants embark on an international adventure from the UK to either Morocco or Croatia. Upon reaching their  destination, they are free to enjoy a holiday and meet up with fellow Hitchers before flying home at their leisure.

"Amazing. Life changing. Eye-opening. My experience on Hitch is one I'll never forget."

 The Hitch was born when two students from Cambridge  University set off on a unique adventure to raise money for Link, known as Link Africa at the time. Their  "Cambridge to Casablanca Challenge" was the blueprint for today's record-breaking event, which has grown astronomically in 23 remarkable years.

Since 1992, an incredible 8,500 people have taken part in Hitch, raising almost £4,500,000 for Link and travelling a combined total of over 10,000,000 miles - that's more than 400 times around the world!

Today you can choose a 1,200 mile, 4 country trip, starting in the UK, travelling through western Europe, experiencing the romanticism and exuberant cultures of France and Spain, before experiencing an intoxicating blend of Arabic and African influences in the beautiful and vibrant Morocco.       

         "A trip that changes the way you see the world."



Or a 900 mile, central Europe tour through some of the most historically and culturally rich countries in the world. Travel through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia, before arriving in the "Land of 1,000 Islands". Croatia hosts vibrant cities, renowned nightlife, incredible views and breath-taking scenery.