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Improving the quality of education in Africa

About Us

About Us

Link Community Development (Link) is a family of organisations working to transform education for children and communities across impoverished rural areas of Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda through innovative, low-cost and replicable models.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding

Link Community Development believes that a child, vulnerable adult or person at risk should never experience abuse of any kind. We have a responsibility to work in a way that promotes the welfare of all and protects them from harm. We have a zero tolerance approach to any harm to or exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult by any of our staff, representatives or partners.

Our safeguarding policies and procedures demonstrate accountability to beneficiaries, including staff, volunteers and trustees; an organisational culture that tackles power imbalances and gender inequality; and rigorous, anonymous and safe reporting and complaints mechanisms.

We do all that we can to ensure that the experience of the children and vulnerable adults (and their families) who Link Community Development reaches is one that is free from any form of abuse or exploitation.

You can download and read our full Safeguarding policy here.

You can download and read our full Child Safeguarding policy here.

The Need for Our Work

  • Governments and schools rarely have access to accurate data to enable effective use of limited resources. We help build their capacity to improve data management and application.
  • Reading skills can break the cycle of poverty. Children whose mothers can read are 50% more likely to live past age five. Link develops programmes for communities in need across sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Weak school governance reduces community school ownership. Our School Performance Review gives citizens a voice, fostering a culture of transparency, trust and mutual accountability between communities and schools, enabling greater collective responsibility.
  • Teachers are key to learning but receive little professional development or support. We provide high-quality teacher training and mentoring.
  • Unsupportive cultural and societal norms exclude vulnerable children. We help education leadership develop and sustain inclusive practices.
  • Rural African Schools can be overcrowded, unsafe and unconducive to learning. We help schools become child-friendly through safe infrastructure, sanitation facilities and child protection policies.

Please see our Causal Tree Analysis below. You can see a more detailed version by clicking here.

Link's Approach

You can view our Theory of Change below. You can view a more detailed version by clicking here.

Our Priorities

Go to scale

Our holistic approach is sustainable, replicable and promotes high levels of ownership by citizens and governments. Our innovations aim to influence policy and best practice.

Develop partnerships

We collaborate to leverage skills and resources to enhance the effectiveness of our work. Partners include bilateral and multilateral donors, trusts and foundations, governments, the private sector, non-governmental and civil society organisations, universities and research bodies, as well as communities.

Attract core funding

Experience shows that impact is more effectively delivered through core funding. We keep costs low and impact high. Short-term project funding can have high transaction costs and risks undermining strategic impact. We seek partners who share our vision of improving learning for all. 

Continue to evidence our model

Demonstrate affordable, scalable and sustainable solutions to persistent problems. Link has a double effect on Value for Money: low unit costs that deliver results plus improved accountability, efficiency and outcomes, which ultimately saves governments money.

Strong leadership and governance

Our Board of Trustees supports and guides our work, ensuring accountability and responsiveness to our beneficiaries, partners, donors and staff. 





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