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Uganda awarded Trust Africa grant

Ugandan children in classroom

Link Community Development Uganda are delighted to announce that they are the recipient of a grant from Trust Africa to support phase two of the Lugungu and School Support Initiative in Buliisa (LaSSIB-2).

This grant will enable Link Community Development Uganda to enhance the management and functionality of schools using our innovative School Performance Review (SPR) process and the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). This project also aims to raise awareness of the value of reading among the wider school communities in Uganda.

Give the Gift of Education this Christmas

Each year thousands of children in sub-Saharan Africa miss out on an education - 30 million children are not in school and of those that are, 48 million children do not learn basic literacy skills. This Christmas we are asking you to help give the Gift of Education to support those who are most in need.

Since 1992, Link has worked in over 3,000 schools and improved the education of over 3 million children in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and Uganda.

Biennial Review Launched

Link is delighted to announce the publication of our Biennial Review covering the period 2013-2015.

The comprehensive summary of the last two years, covering the time between 2013-2015, will be of great interest to our supporters. During this period, Link has launched several innovative and exciting new projects and experienced significant organisational change.

Audio Visual Materials for Social Change

In early 2014, Link Community Development Ethiopia worked with partner agency Whizz Kids Workshop to develop local language audio-visual materials exploring the barriers girls face to attending and achieving in school. A group of girls from all the project target areas were selected to write the scripts and receive basic training in film production. The topics include domestic chores, early marriage, status of girls' education, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and menstruation. The footage was shot on site in schools located in rural Wolaita Zone of south-western Ethiopia.


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