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Improving the quality of education in Africa

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We provide a range of targeted programmes to address the issues identified via our school monitoring and support process: Find out more about our School Performance Review process in our Virtual School.

Supporting Girls' Education (STAGES)

This project is focussed on helping girls in poor, rural communities to receive a quality education, in particular to transition from primary to secondary schooling. Our girls face intense pressure to drop-out of school from societal norms and a lack of opportunity. This project takes a holistic approach, tackling multiple barriers and supporting thousands of girls to receive the education they deserve.

Empowerment For Girls' Education

A young girl in a green dress points at words on a blackboard with a stick

Through improved education quality, financial literacy, life-skills training, empowerment initiatives, and tailored financial services, the project will address the economic and social challenges which are the most commonly cited barriers to girls’ education in Uganda and thereby enable 28,988 girls to complete a full cycle of education.


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