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Girls’ Education Challenge Midline Results Announced

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We are delighted to share the outstanding results from our Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) midline analysis evaluation.

The midline evaluation relates to our Improved Girls’ Learning in Rural Wolaita project, funded by the Department for International Development (DfID), which has the goal to improve the enrolment, retention and performance of 62,777 girls in four districts of the Wolaita Zone in south-western Ethiopia.

We are thrilled to share news that the project is on track, and in fact exceeding targets, in all the key intervention areas. The project is making crucial progress in the intervention areas in the Woreda Education offices by; empowering them to support girls and share learning with the Ministry of Education; Increasing the capacity of schools to support girls’ education; Putting in place mechanisms for data monitoring and gender action planning; Ensuring better community and parental support for girls’ education; Proving better academic opportunities for girls; and, supporting girls during transition to adolescence.

Some of the key findings from the midline have shown the following:

  • Girls’ literacy and numeracy improvement has ‘far exceeded’ targets and control group scores.
  • Attendance of girls in school has improved.
  • There has been a ‘substantial’ improvement in girls’ self-confidence.
  • The drop-out rate of girls has decreased.
  •  There has been evidence of highly effective School Improvement Planning in rural communities, with over 12,000 stakeholders engaging in school planning annually. 95% of Gender Action Plan targets were at least partially achieved.
  • The disparity between boys and girls in core subjects has decreased, with girls showing an increased interest in science.

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