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School Report Card Study Tour

Charles Y. Aheto-Tsegah, Deputy Director General (Q & A) Ghana Education Service welcomes a senior team from the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia for a 'School Report Card' study tour, June 16-22 2013.

The study tour, part financed by the World Bank, and co-facilitated by MoE Ethiopia, Ghana Education Service, LCD Ethiopia and LCD Ghana, is a follow up to the 'Achievable Education For All' workshop, facilitated by Link in Kampala in June 2012, where delegates showed specific interest in studying Ghana's application of 'school report cards'.  The MoE Ethiopia approached LCD to facilitate this visit and we're pleased to be able to participate in the process.

The Ethiopian team is supported by Nebiat Abebe (LCD Ethiopia Programme Manager), John Furr (LCD USA Board) and Steve Blunden (LCD CEO).  The team is hosted by LCD Ghana, led by Dr Kennedy Quaigrain.

The delegates programme began with a summary of Ghana's application of School Report Cards provided by the Ghanaian team, and includes a includes a visit to Ejura - Sekyedumase District in Ashanti Region and a second district in Greater Accra, to get a practical insight into the application of school report cards in practice by schools and district education offices.

On Friday 21st June, their will be a seminar at the Ministry of Education to discuss school report cards and take questions from the delegates.

Link has a long history of engaging with 'school performance review' and has been following the application of school report cards in Ghana and elsewhere.  This study tour continues the learning process both for our MoE partners and for Link staff.

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