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Uganda awarded Trust Africa grant

Ugandan children in classroom

Link Community Development Uganda are delighted to announce that they are the recipient of a grant from Trust Africa to support phase two of the Lugungu and School Support Initiative in Buliisa (LaSSIB-2).

This grant will enable Link Community Development Uganda to enhance the management and functionality of schools using our innovative School Performance Review (SPR) process and the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). This project also aims to raise awareness of the value of reading among the wider school communities in Uganda.

LaSSIB-2 strongly supports the Ugandan Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports (MoESTS) initiative to teach in the learner's mother-tongue (in this case Lugungu) and to use school data to improve learner performance and procedure. Link Uganda's project will target early grade learners and teachers, school management committees (including PTAs), head teachers and parents in the eight beneficiary schools of the program.

It is expected that LaSSIB-2 will provide further evidence that supports the notion that in a limited-resource teaching and learning environment (with minimal access to commercial reading materials), mentorship of Lugungu Literacy Teachers and parental/community participation in the early grade reading activities is a cost-effective model which has the capacity to postively impact on the reading and writing skills, literacy levels and the ability to engage with the wider learning process.

The findings and the lessons from LaSSIB-2 will be used to inform national and district education sector policies and strategies in the future.

Footnote: There are 41 recognised languages in Uganda, with Lugungu having just 41,000 speakers (although this number is increasing). The most popular languages include the national language, Swahili, with 33 million L2 speakers, and English with 2.5 million speakers.


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