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Under Construction: Building bright futures in Ethiopia

For thousands of children in Ethiopia getting a secondary education seems like an impossible dream. Poverty, too few schools nearby and pressure to prioritise earning over an education can often be too big an obstacle to overcome.

With your help, we’re breaking down those barriers.


One step along the way in our project in the southern rural area of Wolaita Zone is building four brand new secondary schools in neglected areas. This means that children who previously would have had to walk up to 10km in a day to attend school will now be able to safely and quickly travel to a local school near them. And that day is getting nearer, as this week we are thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on the first of the new schools!

The school will be called Sorto Secondary School, found in the Kindo Koisha district.

Site of the new school, farms visible in the background

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the building site to see how things were progressing. And they’re certainly coming along at speed! The foundations are already well underway.

It was also a fantastic chance to chat to the local community, who will be essential in supporting the new school. What started as a few spectators had grown to a large group of curious visitors from the surrounding farms and villages by the time we were finished the tour. Word clearly spreads quickly! We even got to speak to the previous owner of the land. As part of the sale he had been given a house in the nearby village but was still very interested to see investment in his local area. He was so happy, he insisted on giving us all a hug!

When completed, the school will be handed over to, and managed by, the local government. This builds local capacity, makes sure that local people are not dependent on a foreign organisation, and promotes fair and equal access to school for all citizens.  State-run secondary school is tuition-free in Ethiopia for the lower years, opening up opportunity for all.

We can’t wait to see it take shape over the coming months! Make sure you check back in to check on progress.

Crew hard at work

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