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World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day!

Supporting Rural Ethiopian Primary Schools to Upgrade their Toilet Facilities

Yesterday was World Toilet Day! We think this is a great opportunity to let you know about an initiative Link is soon to embark on with 115 rural Ethiopian primary schools. As part of our Girls Education Challenge Project, ‘Life skills and Literacy for Improved Girls Learning in Rural Wolaita’, Link will be working with school communities to upgrade toilet facilities for girls and female teachers using local materials. The idea is to allow girls increased privacy and sanitary conditions for managing menstruation and more generally. We hope this will encourage better attendance, retention and ultimately better learning outcomes.

The upgrading will be co-ordinated in partnership with the Girls Education Advisory Committee of every school and Link will co-facilitate cluster meetings with key school community stakeholders prior to the upgrading to ensure wide buy-in to the upgrading process and alignment with procurement procedures.

As ever, we are aiming to develop models which could be taken over through the Ministry of Education budget if they prove to have measurable results on girls’ performance. The funding input is minimal and the community engagement is a critical focus for sustainable management of the facilities. We want to know the minimum inputs to achieve maximum results so that our findings can inform up-scaled interventions by regional and federal government.

The toilet improvements are one aspect of a much wider initiative looking at improving support for girls’ education within their communities and schools as a whole. The project involves collecting, analysing and sharing accurate data about girls’ performance to inform planning; awareness-raising with parents; capacity-building training for school and woreda (district) education office officials;  support to girls’ extra-curricular clubs; provision of sanitary pads and tutoring for ‘at risk’ girls. For more information contact

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