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Girls' Education Challenge Fund

Link Community Development’s vision is a poverty-free Ethiopia, in which girls and boys have equal access to quality education and can develop their potential for better life opportunities. Our purpose is to inspire innovations in education policy based on detailed evidence-based grassroots experience. Since 2007, LCD Ethiopia has been working in the Wolaita Zone of the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State supporting the School Improvement Program component of the General Education Quality Improvement Package. Our work is aligned with Ministry of Education policy in order to generate relevant learning.

LCD Ethiopia is now implementing an ambitious Girls’ Education Challenge project funded by the UK Department for International Development. The Girls’ Education Challenge aims for long-lasting and transformative change across 22 target countries so that new generations of girls are given the chance to improve their future.

LCD Ethiopia is working in partnership with woreda, zone and regional education bureaus as well as with Whizz Kids Workshop and an External M&E Team.


Which barriers to girls’ education have been identified?


  • ·         Gender discrepancies in primary completion rates and learner performance
  • ·         Rural girls have many domestic duties which limit time for study
  • ·         Household investment in education prioritises boys
  • ·         Cultural resistance to girls’ education persists in rural areas.
  • ·         The inadequate sanitation facilities in schools restrict the participation of girls
  • ·         There are few female senior teachers or school directors


How does LCD Ethiopia work?

  • ·         LCD takes  a ‘whole woreda’ approach -  we do not select target schools but work with all government elementary schools
  • ·         LCD aims to work from the inside-out so that project innovations can be integrated into government delivery systems
  • ·         LCD promotes accountability and performance assessment throughout the education system
  • ·         LCD encourages local communities to actively participate in school decision making and fundraising
  • ·         LCD shares lessons and experiences across projects


In Ethiopia we are working in close partnership with the Southern Region Education Bureau and Bureau of Finance and Economic Development. We are supporting all government elementary schools in four woredas of the Wolaita Zone: Damot Pulasa, Damot Sore, Damot Woide and Kindo Koisha


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