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Inclusive Community Engagement Malawi (ICE)

ICE Malawi (Inclusive Community Engagement in Malawi) will bring to life a package of inclusive community engagement and awareness-raising activities

Project Overview

This project will roll out practical, community-led solutions to improve participation, inclusion and enhanced school improvement planning that is supported by the whole community and meets the needs of every learner.

Every child has the right to a quality education. Unfortunately, many children in Malawi are being left behind due to disability, gender, extreme poverty or even albinism.

We know that in order to make a sustained impact on the lives of these vulnerable learners and encourage attitudinal change, education improvements need to be driven by the communities in which they are based. This project empowers marginalised people to take the lead in influencing community norms, and create more inclusive, better performing schools.

Building on the success of our previous work, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, we will expand our tried-and-tested methods to more communities across Malawi, helping to grow knowledge and understanding of the National Education Standards, creating a critical mass of citizens with the confidence to demand their rights to quality education.

Our holistic approach will provide training and resources to teachers, local authorities, and communities ensuring every tier of the education system supports the rights of every child to learn. Schools will undergo systemic improvements, communities will be empowered to advocate for best practice, and teachers will learn how best to support all children.

Transforming Lives

Marginalised members of these communities, such as those with a disability, albinism or battling extreme poverty, will be empowered through this project, and engage in community-led school improvement processes. As a result, thousands of vulnerable children will have better life chances, achieving more in school, and the education system across the district will be more inclusive and supportive of every child.

Power of Communities

Link knows that community engagement and support are crucial to successful, sustainable projects. Here is what communities that Link has supported in the past say about our work:


  •  “[The training] showed us why working together to promote the school is necessary because we have our different roles” Parent

  • “[There is a] higher quality of education because of good relationship between the school and the community” Headteacher

  • “People like me have rights. People like me have ideas which can assist in the improvement of schools” Community member living with disability


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