Link Community Development

Improving the quality of education in Africa

Increased Capacity for Improved Teaching and Learning (ICITL)

The Increased Capacity for Improved Teaching and Learning (ICITL) project aims to develop context-specific training modules and provide intensive training for school directors and teachers to improve the quality of school mamagement, curriculum delivery, and teachers' professional development.

We anticipate that improvements in teaching and learning will lead to access to better life opportunities. The project will work with 123 rural primary schools across four woredas in the impoverished Wolaita Zone of SNNPRS.This includes all government elementary schools in Damot Pulasa, Damot Sore, Damot Woide and Kindo Koisha woredas. There are approximately 120,000 students currently enrolled in these schools.

Link has two multiyear, large scale projects in the 123 ICITL schools, and while the proposed ICITL programme is stand alone, its placement within a larger framework of holistic multipronged support ensures maximum impact and reach. The project operates throiugh existing structures so as to generate relevant learning and build capacities in the long term.


Funder: Boeing

Total funding: $45,000

Date: 2016-17

NGOsource equivalency determination on file Registered with Fundraising Regulator OSCR Scottish Charity Registrar