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School Management Committee Training

The World Bank through the Ghana Education Service (GES) engaged Link Ghana to develop and implement the training of School Management Committees from 188 Basic or Primary schools under the Pilot Programmatic Scheme (PPS) component of the Education Sector Project of the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service.

Funder: World Bank via Ghana Education Service

Date: June 2011 – January 2013

The Challenge

Within the context of the decentralized policy, control of Basic Schools is held at the District level by the District Education Oversight Committee (DEOC). At the school level, School Management Committees (SMCs) are charged with the responsibility of rekindling the community spirit in improving education and empowering communities to analyse problems confronting education, and to adopt and internalize the strategies adopted toward the improvement of teaching and learning.  The general impression formed at all the SMC workshops was that, in reality, School Management Committees often do not exist, or if they do, are largely dormant.  In addition, where School Management Committees do exist, their role is still predominantly one of organising the maintenance of school infrastructure. There is very little participation from communities and parents, especially in such contentious school management issues as the monitoring of teachers’ performance and pupils’ academic performance.   One key reason for the little or no participation is the lack of training for School Management Committees and for school staff.  The situation is compounded by the poor relations that exist, in many situations, between staff and communities. 

Project Aims

The key objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop of a training guide.
  • Conduct a Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop, targeted at the future trainers of SMCs
  • Train SMCs of 188 schools chosen from 20 Districts, targeting seven members comprising four SMC members, the Headteacher, Circuit Supervisor, and a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) representative. 
  • Monitor the training of SMCs by Link Ghana and GES teams

Key Achievements

  1. The target objective of sensitizing and arousing the interest and commitment to improve the function and role of the SMCs in promoting quality education was achieved 
  2. The training guide was developed in time for the training
  3. Forty three trainers were trained in the TOT
  4. The SMC training took place in 8 centres in 8 regions bringing together the SMCs from the targeted 188 schools
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