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Strengthening the Education Inspectorate System in Rwanda

This project will support the Rwandan government to create, embed and operate new national strategies to improve and standardise the school inspection service.

As part of plans to improve Rwanda’s education system, UNICEF and key government partners have invited Link to support the review of new national inspection standards and the supporting tools and training needed to implement them.

Link is thrilled to bring our expertise and experience from neighbouring countries (we have previously helped to create the first-ever National Education Standards for Malawi) to this new project. We know how important good-quality data is to helping schools understand their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can make informed changes to help children learn better in classrooms.

During this project, Link will:

  • Review the current system, including the process, tools used, and inspector’s work
  • Help review new national standards for school benchmarking, including templates and tools for how the standards should be used in practice
  • Develop guidelines for school improvement planning to help every school in the country to understand how to use the standards to push for continuous improvement
  • Create a ‘roadmap’ for how Rwanda can implement and embed these tools and policies going forward
  • Develop and deliver a training package for every national and sector-level inspector to introduce the new system and help them to follow it.

 Project supported by UNICEF

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