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Strengthening School Systems (STEAR)

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The STEAR project (School Transformation Through Enriching Accountability and Resilience) will identify the skills gap and barriers to success within the Ugandan Government’s school improvement processes in the Education sector, and map out a way forward to improve government and citizen accountability in education delivery.

A Critical Need

Significant advancement has been made towards improving global access to schooling, with soaring enrolment rates around the world. However, to meet the Sustainable Development Goal all children must succeed in learning in the classroom. Sadly, many children in Uganda are still being left behind. Just two out of ten Primary 3 pupils can read and understand a story. A lack of clear and universal inspection standards holds back evidence-based school improvement, and many schools are still struggling to make the most of their limited resources or access government support.

A Way Forward

Building on our 18-year strong partnership, Link is committed to working with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports, particularly the Directorate of Education Standards, to comprehensively map the current position on school improvement and inspection services and create a long-term strategy for development.

A scoping study will review the current systems and stakeholders, including schools, NGOs, ministries and local communities, to better understand current barriers and gaps as well as record what works well and why it is working. It will be an invaluable tool to chart a more efficient, joined-up strategy for all service delivery partners in Uganda for school improvement, community engagement, inspection services and integrated information systems.

The project will facilitate knowledge-sharing visits between Ugandan education officers and their counterparts in Malawi and Zambia to discuss best practice and ideas. Link helped create the first-ever set of National Education Standards in Malawi, putting us in the perfect position to demonstrate this learning with a Ugandan team from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

To better share learning, Link will also undertake an in-depth analysis of our work to date, with opportunities to share our valuable knowledge and working methods more widely, increasing opportunities for scalability and global impact.

 Project supported by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

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