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Improving the quality of education in Africa

Strengthening School Systems (STEAR) Phase 2

Using research from phase one, STEAR 2 (School Transformation through Enriching Accountability and Resilience) puts into practice key recommendations to increase accountability and improve every level of the education system.

Significant advancement has been made towards improving global access to schooling, with soaring enrolment rates around the world. However, to meet the Sustainable Development Goal all children must succeed in learning in the classroom. Sadly, many children in Uganda are still being left behind. Just two out of ten Primary 3 pupils can read and understand a story. A lack of clear and universal inspection standards holds back evidence-based school improvement, and many schools are still struggling to make the most of their limited resources or access government support.

Key Activities

This project will work across three rural districts to help school managers and community members improve learning in their classrooms. Increased awareness on education policies and their rights alongside advocacy training will enable these leaders to demand the resources they need. This, coupled with training on how best to manage schools, and support to local government to deliver quality education will ensure limited resources are put to best use.

At the National level, we will help share best practice and encourage improvement through learning exchanges and advocacy through key networks. We will help increase accountability at every level of the system, strengthening citizen voice, improving schools and helping children to get the very best education in their local area.

Project supported by William + Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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