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TEAM Girl Malawi

TEAM Girl Malawi (Transformational Empowerment of Adolescent Marginalised Girls in Malawi) will transform the life chances of some of the most vulnerable girls in the country by building their basic literacy & numeracy skills and helping them to transition into further education, training, or employment.

Project Overview

This project will reach some of the most marginalised adolescent girls in Malawi who have never been to school or who dropped out of school without learning to read, write and count.

In community-based classes these out-of-school girls will learn basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills. Girls’ clubs and peer-to-peer buddying will impart sexual & reproductive health knowledge, and develop resilience and self-esteem. Improved school leadership will make schools safer, more inclusive spaces, and community engagement will raise aspirations for marginalised girls.

Our holistic support will empower girls to choose their own pathway into mainstream education, vocational training or employment.

Transformational Impact

Our girls will gain confidence, a safe source of income, and the life skills they need to do more than just survive but to thrive. They will be empowered to take decisions about their own futures and build a better life.

Working in Partnership

Link is proud to be delivering this project in partnership with

 Project supported by UKAid

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