Link Community Development

Improving the quality of education in Africa

Fundraising FAQs

How do I send in funds I’ve raised?

Can I claim gift aid on anything I raise?

Absolutely! Anyone donating through your online Virgin Money giving page will automatically be asked if they would like to gift aid their donation. Please encourage everyone eligible to say yes!

For any other donations/sponsorship money we need the full details of each donor in order for us to be able to claim. This is easily taken care of if you ensure everyone fills in the Sponsorship Form and it is returned to us.

How will my money be spent?

Your money will go to our core programmes that work across Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. We are proud to say that 96p of every £1 donated to Link is spent directly on our programmes in Africa.

With your support Link can:

  • Train teachers so that children learn more in the classroom
  • Train and support headteachers to be better managers, make best use of their resources and plan effectively.
  • Support schools and communities to keep girls and marginalised children in school.
  • Provide local language books so children can experience the joy of reading.
  • Help communities to understand how their school should be performing, and support them to work to make the school better.
  • Provide district education authorities with the tools, training and support to assess the performance of each school and to guide their long term plans for improvement.
  • Support districts to work directly with schools to tackle health challenges such as sanitation, nutrition and HIV and AIDS.
  • Influence national policy by sharing experience and good practice at the district level with the national government and other African countries.


Your support will enable us to assess how well schools are doing in every area from curriculum and teaching, to planning and management, and beyond. We do this in partnership with schools. Their communities and government using our innovative School Performance Review cycle. Through discussion of each school’s strengths and weaknesses we help the school to develop their own plan to make the school a better place to learn. We then work with the teachers, parents, community and the district education authorities, to help the school see that plan through. This approach means that the work is owned by the school and community themselves, making sure that the changes that we help bring about are sustainable and long-lasting.

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