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Global Teachers Programme in Scotland

The Global Teachers Programme (GTP) meets Link Scotland's twin aims of supporting school improvement in Africa while developing global citizenship education in Scotland. Since 2006 we have supported over 80 Scottish teachers on placements in Malawi and Uganda. 

Primary teachers and headteachers across Scotland have participated in this exciting CPD opportunity which takes place over 18 months, including a placement in a Ugandan or Malawian primary school over the summer break. With support from Link Uganda and Link Malawi, participating teachers spent four-five weeks assisting teachers at their  ‘host’ school to employ better teaching and learning methodologies, expand leadership skills and implement enhanced school improvement plans. 

“All  head  teachers  were  positive  about  the  placement  of  GTs  in  their  schools  and believed they gained professionally from  GTP especially from CPDs,  demonstration lessons, and through the interaction on key professional areas with GTs.” Dan Basaija, Link Uganda.





Upon their return the Scottish teachers use their experiences to bring global citizenship into their classrooms, schools, and communities. Teachers are supported to embed global learning in their schools with training and ongoing advice and support from Link Scotland.

Through this programme Global Teachers gain confidence in their teaching practice, build upon their professional knowledge and experience to improve school performance in global citizenship across CfE, expand on their leadership skills and obtain GTC professional recognition for their development.

“It is one, if not the best, form of professional development I have ever taken part in. It has increased my ability to influence children and adults at school and in the community over global issues – I am now seen as an expert and sought after to answer questions". Global Teacher





Scottish learners gain an understanding of global issues and Scotland’s place in the world. The international dimension enables learners to become confident individuals and effective contributors in an increasingly globalised world and to act as responsible, open-minded, socially conscious global citizens. Participation in this programme helps learners to achieve many of the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

History of the programme

Over 80 Scottish teachers took part in Global Teacher placements in Malawi and Uganda from 2006 to 2012. Their experience continues to impact on education in Africa and Scotland today.

In 2009, in addition to providing support to 14 project schools in Malawi, the Global Teachers carried out training for teachers on teaching and learning, classroom management, assessment and record keeping, lesson preparation and planning, school leadership and management, and resource management.

“The Global Teacher Programme has been able to reach out to many teachers due to the in-service training at zonal level in the final week. This has increased the impact of the programme and enhanced the sustainability of the new teaching & learning strategies introduced as they cut across the whole zone.” Mr Billy Banda, Dedza District Education Manager.





The personal and professional experiences in Africa have inspired Global Teachers to share lessons learned with pupils and teachers to develop global citizenship and improve teaching and learning in Scotland. Since 2006, the Global Teachers have carried out over 60 projects in Scottish schools and local authorities.  

In October 2011 we celebrated Global Teachers' achievements with a professional development event which focused on embedding global citizenship in Scottish schools. It was a great opportunity for Global Teachers from all over Scotland to share success stories and inspire one another with ideas for continuing to use their Global Teacher experience to promote Global Citizenship.

More information

Read our summary report of the Global Teachers Programme 2006-2009.

Read a case study of Jane McClounan from Shawlands Primary School in Glasgow who was a Global Teacher in 2007.

Download a list of Global Teachers who have taken part in the programme from 2006-2009. Please contact us to get in touch with a Global Teacher in your local area.

The documents below demonstrate how the Global Teachers Programme supports pupils to achieve the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence:


- Health and Wellbeing
- Social Studies
- Technology


- Health and Wellbeing
- Social Studies


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