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Passport to Education

Passport to educationLearn as you give with Link's new campaign to help you support our work in Africa whilst learning about global development.

We believe that giving and learning should go together. Passport to Education, promotes global learning through charitable giving.

What is it all about?

Our challenge is to improve the quality of teaching and learning that children receive in the classroom in sub-Saharan Africa. Passport to Education takes you on a fundraising journey to help us to do just that. We ask you to raise a minimum of £/€/$250 – not all in one go, but over the course of a year. During the year we provide you with resources to contextualise your giving and to provide a platform to tackle complex issues in the classroom. Each resource will explore a different theme or country. We also provide ideas and support to help you maximise your fundraising. Each step along the journey comes with a stamp to stick in your Passport and showcase your giving and learning achievements.


"When kids volunteer [their time] it tells others that they don't have to beperfect or famous or even grown up to make a difference." Kalynn Dobos, age 7



Showcase your Achievements!!

Why not use your involvement in our Campaign to showcase your learner's spiritual, moral, social and cultural education achievements! With Passport to Education its easy! Click here to find out how!

Who can sign up?

Passport to Education has been designed as a flexible framework that you can build on to meet your needs, so it is open to organisations, schools or individuals alike. Becuase of Link's history and experiences with school linking, many of our members are schools, led by a particular teacher or class or involving the whole school in the challenge. But the platform also works well for youth groups, after school clubs, scout groups, church groups, parents clubs etc etc. Just contact us if you want to find out more.

How do you sign up?

To join today and begin your giving and learning journey, just complete and return our online application form and pay your initial £/€/$50 donation (see below for how to pay). As soon as we receive these, we’ll send you your Passport to Education Welcome Pack so that you can get started!

We then ask that you commit to raising a minimum of £/€/$200 over the course of one year. The full £/€/$200 donation will go directly to our project-work in Africa. For every additional pound you raise, 80c/p will go directly to our project work. As you work towards your target, you will receive award stamps to display on your passport as well as bronze, silver and gold stamps for exceptional fundraising achievements!


How do you pay in your donations?

Click on the flag of your closest Link office for details on how to pay your initial £/$/€ donation or any additional donations later in the year.

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A big thank you from Link!

Your donations allow us to provide the support that schools and districts need to overcome the challenges to providing a quality education. Should you want to display each and every fundraising achievement for all to see please download our very special ‘thank you’ certificate so you can stick it up to show everyone how amazing you are!

OSCR Scottish Charity Registrar