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IPGEM Project Endline Evaluation (Malawi)

The endline evaluation of the IPGEM Project (2017-2018) shares voices from marginalised groups in Malawi, and how more people got involved than we ever hoped for. Read the full report here.

INSPIRE Project Endline Evaluation (Malawi) 

The endline evaluation of the INSPIRE Project (2015-2018) showed great progress. Read the full report here.

Girls' Education Challenge Project Endline Evaluation (Ethiopia)

Our Improved Girls' Learning in Rural Wolaita Zone Project (2013 - 2017) made a real impact with girls in Ethiopia. Read the full report here.

School Management Simulation Training Mid-Term Evaluation (Malawi)

School Management Simulation Training (SMST) is one intervention within the INSPIRE Project. As part of the Mid-term Evaluation of the INSPIRE Project, Link produced a report which focused on the effectiveness of the SMST and its impact on the INSPIRE project goals. Read the full report here.

NORRAG News, December 2017: Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What progress one year on?

Following the first anniversary of the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals, Link's work is featured as NORRAG explore what progress has been made. You can read the report by clicking here.

'Unleashing Greatness'

Sir Michael Barber, Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Education submitted a White Paper to the World Economic Forum in July 2016. You can view this white paper by clicking here.

Promoting transparency through information: A global review of school report cards

Link's work on our School Performance Review process is featured in this UNESCO paper. You can view the report by clicking here, with Link's work being featured on pages 53 - 55.

Ethiopia: Girls' Education Challenge - Midline Report

You can view a copy of our midline GEC report by clicking here.





Education for Sustainable Development Conference Report (30th October 2015)

You can view this report by clicking here.

Uganda: Masindi District Education Development Project (2000 - 2005)

Link was invited to support the implementation of the Universal Primary Education and administrative decentralisation policies in Uganda. The Masindi District Education Development Project was designed to develop and demonstrate processes which enhance the capacity of District managers, education officers, school inspectors and Headteachers to plan for and deliver school improvement in partnership with the local community.

You can view the final report from this project by clicking here.

NIDOS (2012) - Education and International Development: An exploration of good practice.

A report from a 2012 NIDOS event, exploring good practice in international development. The report can be viewed by clicking here, with input from former Link Programme Manager Louise Stewart.

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