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School Management Simulation Training

What is it?

Our School Management Simulation Tool trains stakeholders to make effective decisions regarding the use of funds, staff, and resources to enable school improvement. School management teams, governing bodies, teachers, learners and parents 'simulate' managing a school using real scenarios. Collaborative decision making, where everybody has a say and everybody works together, creates strong teams who are able to plan effctively and improve learning outcomes.

How does it work?

The School Management Simulation Tool provides 'hands-on' experience in making decisions about challenges schools face and the consequences of those decisions.

Participants use counters which represent school resources. By responding to a variety of diverse, yet realistic, scenarios, the teams make decisions on how to use their resources during a school year. As the process develops, the impact of their decisions become apparent. The final stage measures the time teachers actually spend teaching and how effectively the school resources have been managed. Learning from Link's School Management Simulation supports an inclusive, realistic and achievable School Improvement Plan.

"The School Management Simulation training is practice-based and participants are able to see the consequences of their resource mobilisation and related decisions right away. The game has room to demonstrate the consequences of decisions bringing about rewards or penalties when resources are used properly or wasted, hence it is a practical tool to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge on resource management and effective decision making" - Headteacher






Watch this short video to see the training in action




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